13 years experience in the crystal beads industry.

Who We Are

iShine beads is a manufacturer who provides cut crystal beads for Jewelry making.

With a comprehensive selection of colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes available.

In the past, we mainly sold our beads to domestic processors, who mainly sold them by stringing beads and metal findings into bracelets or necklaces.

By chance, we discovered that there is a group of people all around the world who love beading, they prefer buying beads and accessories than buying jewellery and making it themselves, and they enjoy the process. That’s why we are here, we add another track. 

If you’re looking for high-quality crystal beads with good service at competitive prices, look no further than here. Because this is our top priority!

Focus on What we do

My parents have been in this industry for 13 years. I remember that at that time, most of the villages in our county produce crystal beads. It can be said that the crystal beads manufacturing early period were more like subcontracting work.

There are workers on the assembly line because the machines at that time needed to be equipped with at least 2 workers, from cutting glass rods to cutting beads to the subsequent firing, washing, sieving, and beading. This industry created a large number of jobs at that time.

Crystal beads manufaturing, We have been moving forward. We have been moving forward.

Auto cut rod machine

With the development and iteration of technology, the current machine has been upgraded to a fully automatic machine. One worker can manage 5 machines at the same time, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and the output has also increased exponentially. This is one of the reasons why prices can become so competitive.

Environmental Protection

Throughout the process of crystal beads, a large amount of waste water containing glass slag, polishing solid waste, and even corrosive chemicals will be produced.

Really grateful to the local government for managing the crystal industry to unify power supply, water supply, gas supply, and centralized treatment of sewage and solid waste. We attach great importance to environmental protection and work together to minimize the negative impact of its production on all aspects of the environment.

waste water pool
facets molds

Keep creating

We are confident in the cutting process of the beads and the quality of the surface coating. In addition, we have been exploring and developing a diversity of product shapes and colors. Hope to bring more and more surprise to lovers.

Why Choose iSHINE BEADS ?

Industry Experience

We have 13 years experience of making crystal beads product.

Industry Communication

Communicate with industry leaders, even internationally.

Product Creative

Exploring and developing a diversity of product shapes and colors,we are always on the way.

Quality Control

Quality is our soul which gives us the confidence to cooperate with clients.

Instant Response

We value your inquiry, will reply you within 24 hours.

Reasonable Price

We don't hope to sacrifice the quality to get the order, because bad quality won't be longlasting.

OEM Available

OEM is welcome. Differentiation is the best way to win the market share. It requires insight and the execution.

After Service

We prefer to say that our service starts after delivery. Please remember we are here with you.

Production of crystal beads