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Application of Crystal Beads

Looking for the bead type to add some sparkle to your beads catogory?

Chinese crystal beads is an economical choice. Swarovski and Preciosa beads can be expensive, but Chinese crystal beads are more affordable and still look beautiful. 

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are perfect for everything from necklaces to earrings etc jewelry.

Besides, they’re perfect for a wide variety of applications, from suncatchers and chandelier pendants for your home decor. 

Selective focus on round ball shape crystal rainbow maker suncatcher hanging in home with Orgonite or Orgone pyramid. Good Feng Shui, Sha Chi reflection, energy flow concept.

Color Schemes of Crystal Beads

We hava a wide range colors for selection, from transparent to opal to opaque, even metallic colors, no matter seasonal or birthstone colors, we covered.


Our Developed Crystal Beads

iSHINE BEADS not only expands more and more colors but also creates various shapes, so far we have developed 15 types. We aim to bring options and inspiration to our clients. 

We are strict in product quality, because it’s really important, it determines the long-term cooperation between us.

Below are our hot-selling shapes according to our client feedback.

The Knowledge About Crystal Beads

Crystal beads made from crystal?

Yes, crystal beads are made from man-made crystals. However because of the percentage and purity of chemical components, there will be different of brilliance. Besides, the precise cutting technology is also a reason.

As a cost-effective Chinese crystal beads, it is increasingly recognized and accepted by markets around the world.

What's the effect?

Effect in the crystal product means vaccuum coating process. With coating, what the crystal beads will be? It give the beads unique properties. One of the most popular coating is AB. Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) is the most beloved crystal color , is an iridescent, rainbow-like coating. It can be applied any color of crystal beads.

Besides, there are other coatings, like blue iris, green iris, purple and metallic coating. Even, for some transparent color like fuschia also is coated, but the durability won't be long-lasting. But because of no good substitutes for these colors, which is why they are still produced. l list a series of hot selling coating colors as below.

What is the difference between Swarovski crystals and other brands of crystals?

Swarovski crystals are world-famous, especially for the jewelry-making supplies industry.

Here l just explain it from below three aspects in short.

Raw materials. Different countries of origin, because of the unique advantages of the geography in which they are located, have different composition ratios that lead to the translucency of the crystal.

Cutting technology. Swarovski uses their patented cutting technology to achieve the maximum refractive index, i.e. sparkle, by increasing the cutting surface of the product.

Brand influence. Swarovski is a well-known brand in the luxury jewelry and crystal industry, and it has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, stylish products. By building and maintaining a strong brand influence, Swarovski is able to position itself as a leader in the industry and attract a dedicated customer base. However Swarovski announced that they would no longer be supplying to DIY market from 2021. It’s really a BIG chance for other brands and origin of crystal beads. Especially Preciosa.

Any benefits for crystal beads wholesale from China?

There are crystal beads from different origins, such as those from Austria, Czech Republic, India, China.

Affordable price with guaranteed quality. The price is much lower than the European ones, and about 20% lower than the Indian but our service far exceeds your expectations.

Expand the product category and increase the market share. Not most of DIYer’s can afford such expensive jewelry crystal elements from Europe. So Chinese crystal beads is a good option for those cost conscious clients.

Manufacturing of Crystal Beads

Compare the color of rods

Even though there are color differences between different batches, we will control them within a range according to the customer's requirements at the beginning.

Cut the rod

The size of the beads will be controlled within a certain range, especially the height.


Normally we will repeat this step twice, this is first time, beads are still smooth curve. Another is when facets cutting procedure.

Facets cutting

Facets cutting technology and raw material components make beads sparkle and shine.

Why there are color difference of different batches?

Although it is a synthetic material, there will still be some color differences. For different batches, the raw materials and the mixing percentage will be slightly different. But the difference is not as uncontrollable as natural crystals.

Why need two times for polishing procedure?

In order to reduce the rate of defective products - that is, the probability of rough particles (coarse sand) on the surface of the beads. Frome the video of prodcution of crystal beads, the surface of the beads after cutting the rods is rough, after polishing, they can be smooth and bright.

How do you control the quality of beads?

We have a series of SOP from different procedures, and our employees conduct on-site production process inspections. We will check from color, size, brightness, facets cutting, and quantity per strand before delivery.

Why your offer is so cost-effective?

We don’t believe in over-priced strategy. Different manufacturers have different advantages in manufacturing costs, and the supply chains behind them are also different. We are here-Pujiang county where have a mature and complete crystal beads industrial cluster. This greatly reduces transportation costs and saves transportation time.

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